I have been using your product on a regular basis and have seen dramatic results. The birds droppings are always tight and firm. I would recommend your product to all racing pigeon fanciers.
Lukens Loft

Dear Pets and Vets

 I wanted to drop you a line about your product "Pets & Vets". I was told about "Pets & Vets" from a friend and fellow Racing Pigeon flyer. He said this is the best stuff he has ever used to achieve and maintain optimum health. He told me I just had to try it and he would buy me the first container, it was that good.

Well I have now been using it on my Racing Pigeons for a month and I have to agree. It's awesome stuff. These pigeons are athletes (Thoroughbreds of the Sky) and prefect health is of the utmost importance. We all know that the use of antibiotics is way over used and to find a product that is 100% organic and all natural is a gold mine. My birds are healthier than they have been in years, they just shine.
The real judge will be the top of the race sheets, we will see. I thank you for a great product and I am thankful for a friend to share a good thing. 

Pete Ruchert
Panhandle Loft
Lewiston, Idaho

Dear Pets and Vets,

I had to write and thank you for your great product!  My little dog “Babette” has always been plagued with a bowel problem.  Her stools were hard and difficult for her to pass.  I have tried several different products to help ease her pain, but to no avail.  A friend told me of her success with Pets and Vets, and I couldn’t wait to try it.   Its so easy to use, and within no time, Babette was regular and has more pep and vigor!

Thank you again, and I will continue to recommend your product to everyone, including my Vet.


Maggie P.

Pet Vet Health,

I am writing this endorsement because I have never used a product that I have seen the results so quickly. My first priority is to the health and welfare of my dogs.  I am also a firm believer in natural organic products.  And have found this to be the best on the market.  I must admit, my dogs are pampered, but that’s only because they are definitely, special members of our family.

A very satisfied customer

Peggy A.

Dear PetVetHealth,

I learned about Pets & Vets a while ago. I have found that my 10 year old dog Sauchee (Japanese Shiba Inu) is much more active, and full of energy. Her coat looks so shiny and smooth, her health has never been this good. After seeing what it did for Sauchee I had to try it on my Homing Pigeons. I have found that Pets & Vets really works well and I like it 10 times better than any other products that I have tried.

My Racing Pigeons look so alert and their feathers have never been so soft, and I very seldom have runny droppings anymore. It’s much easier to maintain their weight, and they seem to have more of a bright vibrant eye, they just look healthy. And I have found that my young bird’s droppings are little round hard balls with a white cap.  

I love that Pets & Vets is 100% ORGANIC and all Natural. I have found that my dog and birds use about 10-15% less feed, so it pays for itself. I believe my birds and dog have never been healthier!  I am glad my friend turned me on to this.  

Thanks for the great product Pet Vet Health!

Your Friend,
Brad Hoggan - Hoggan Loft

Dear Pets & Vets,

I just wanted to send you a short note on your product. I have been using it now for over three months. I have found that it’s done everything I heard it would do! My little Winston has much more energy, his coat is shinny and glossy, he has a good appetite again. Thank you for making my little Winston healthier J.

 Carol  N.

Pets & Vets,

I would like to share my experience to my fellow dog lovers or any pet lovers. I love my fur-babies so much I will do anything for them and when I saw how Pets & Vets helped my fur-babies I wanted to get the word out and also thank you, Pets & Vets.

A friend of mine who specialty shows, and all breed shows turned me on to Pets & Vets. She uses it as a preventative against kennel cough and dog flu instead of the bordatella vaccine that didn’t work well. Since she started using it she hasn't had any cases of KC or dog Flu when she has taken her dogs to shows.  She stated she also had noticed a change in her dogs coats they seemed healthier and shinier.

I then decided to try your product I thought what can it hurt it is all organic natural ingredients, which my vet said was good.  I have been using Pets & Vets for 10 months and have literally seen a miracle in my 7 year old St. Bernard Hunter who has arthritis and hip dyspalcia. Before I started using Pets & Vets Hunter had lost so much weight and was not active at all. I really started to worry that it was getting close to the end and I couldn't bare the thought of getting up one of these mornings and Hunter not be there anymore…  Now after using your product Hunter is a senior dog but acting like a young adult again.  He is running and going up and down the stairs with ease, he is so happy I just cried to see this change in him.  I have seen such a change in my fur-babies, Pets & Vets has worked from the inside out. It has also helped my fur-babies with UTIs, ear infections, skin irritations, food allergies and fast recoveries from surgeries.   Another reason I have liked using Pets & Vets is because it is a natural dewormer and removes parasites. To me that is much better then using antibiotics.  I have always fed my fur-babies chicken and other meats with veggies I think a balanced diet is very important. What I have found is Pets & Vets breaks everything down so they get as much nutrients as possible out of their diet be it kibble or gourmet food. I am hoping now I get a little more time with my big baby Hunter and I really have you to thank.  So thank you Pets & Vets!

Marguerite Froehle
Anchorage, AK


I am a huge fan of Top Flight. I have been using it the past couple years and love it. I believe in it and give it credit for keeping my birds healthy and strong. I have had less health issues using it. Thank you for your consideration and for your product.

Mark Gehrke
Trivia Chair

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What it does:

  • Contains a complete spectrum of Minerals & Electrolytes.
  • Helps boost immunity and assists in digestion.
  • Contains high concentrated energy sources for vigor, endurance and stamina.
  • Amino Acids for muscular health and development.
  • Keeps feces very dry